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Back in 2003, speaking at the National Congress of Cardiology, Director of the Russian Cardiology Research and Production Complex of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences and RAMS E.I.

“Nothing formally changes in oncology … We definitely win in case of early diagnosis, and in other cases – lull ..” – says senior scientific assoc. Russian Research Center named after Blokhina E. Cheremushkin. In 2015, in half of the federal districts of our country, cancer outstripped heart disease in the number of deaths. WHO claims that in 20 years, twice as many people will get cancer. In developed countries, the number of patients with diabetes doubles every 15 years, and Russia is no exception.

That is, modern medicine has not progressed much further than diagnostics, the incidence is increasing, prevention remains at the level of reasoning about the importance of a healthy diet, movement and stress management. All new troubles are being offered new medicines, about which Chazov has already said (see above). At the same time Kroppsbyggnad med hjälp av kreatin för att få muskelmassa med kortare pauser, the state, as 13 years ago, sees its main task in caring for the population in increasing the production of medicines. Moreover, according to WHO, 1% of the world’s population dies from side effects of drugs and complications from them every year, and this is 70 million people!

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Doctors themselves say that taking any pill is an additional burden on the liver, an additional risk factor for the occurrence and development of liver failure. For example, out of 170 drugs that claim to be hepatoprotectors, only 4 are not really harmful! Modern medicine considers statins to be the “leader” in the fight against cholesterol, which increase the risk of diabetes by 70%. Medicines that quickly reduce blood pressure often lead to ischemic strokes. Children with diapers are treated with drugs, not thinking that it destroys their immune system at an early age.

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“Today, treatment is based on the use of pharmaceuticals. The problem is that pharmaceutical or chemical products do not cure most painful conditions 5 tipů, jak se vyhnout ztrátě svalů ve vymezené fázi: Neztrácejte těžce vydělané svaly. In addition, prolonged use of many of these products is unsafe. They only temporarily mask the external manifestations of the problem. No matter how scientifically sound, sophisticated, and attractive the excuses for using these drugs may seem, they often simply cannot resolve the medical problem – except when antibiotics are used to fight infections.

People with high blood pressure starting to take diuretics or other chemicals are not cured. They are told that these drugs will have to be used for the rest of their lives. People with rheumatoid arthritis cannot be completely cured by any of the many analgesics offered by modern pharmacy. Diabetes, malignant myasthenia gravis and muscular dystrophy are not cured. How did it happen that, despite extensive research, there was no cure for any of such common ailments as heartburn, dyspepsia (digestive upset), lower back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine and asthma? ”

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medicine silent

In official programs for the development of medicine there is not even a hint of a change in the paradigm of thinking:

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– Is it possible to somehow reduce the dependence on drugs or completely abandon them?

clinical medicine

– What can be done to resort to medication only in emergency Sotoculturismo cases?

What, in addition to intellectual and psychological overstrain, insufficiency of physical activity can provoke poor health, including impaired cerebral circulation, vascular problems, and the growth of malignant tumors? What else has cardinally changed the life of modern man over the past 50 years, except for a different ecology and lack of movement?

What are the doctors stubbornly not telling us?

Man fell out of life according to the laws of nature, strongly, unreasonably and negatively transforming the world around him. And, the first thing we should remember is that a person actively confronts his nature in his stubborn desire for dehydration, which causes a multisystem dysfunction of the entire physiology of the body. It is dehydration that leads to loss of control over the flow of chemical reactions that destroy the body. People almost stopped drinking water, replacing it with drinks! The timely and constant intake of clean water is not even included in the concept of “culture of a healthy lifestyle” in the recommendations of the Ministry of Health!

“We must understand that sustainable dehydration entails a constant change in the chemical composition of the body. When the new chemical composition caused by dehydration is finally stabilized, it will cause many structural changes, including genetic ones.

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When the body is just beginning to undergo dehydration, up to a certain point, a violation of its functions does not occur, because it has a reserve ability to survive. But as the degree masaż kręgosłupa of dehydration increases, the body approaches a threshold beyond which the regulatory system can no longer perform certain functions. Depending on the degree of need, each organ begins to give its own alarms.

Learn to understand the symptoms correctly.

While these signals are symptoms of local thirst and water loss and can be removed with a simple increase in water consumption, they often begin to drown out by taking potent pharmaceuticals. Since many doctors do not recognize the symptoms of dehydration and do not understand the meaning of fluid in the body, they often diagnose the problem incorrectly. Many therapists confuse dehydration with certain diseases and treat the symptoms with medication, not water. Result: pharmaceutical companies are getting richer, patients continue to get sick, and doctors shrug their hands, unable to cope with the repeated manifestations of painful conditions. ”*

medicine silent

Moreover, information about the therapeutic effect of mineral waters, which has a 1000-year history, was simply banned in 2010! Since Hmyz na vaření, při teplotě the time of Peter the Great in our country, and in Europe – since the 17th century, people have been treated with waters! A wealth of experience has been accumulated in the powerful preventive and healing effects of mineral waters. Talking and writing about it is now impossible! You can – only about the pills! Who benefits from this?

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“Today’s clinical medicine benefits only the manufacturing and commercial structures of the healthcare system. A passion for dissolved substances based on ignorance and bringing huge profits is strictly guarded and forcibly implanted – to the advantage of drug dealers. Despite the great success in studying the physiology of the human body, the practice of clinical medicine does not receive any benefit from progress in this area. “



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